Onion farming automation system in Japan for small to medium scale farm

Introducing the automatic integrated system for farming onions.

You can automate necessary processes for onion production by using Japanese onion farming machines.

These automation processes with efficient machines save so much labor!

Onion farming processes

  1. Soil preparation
  2. Seeding (raising seedlings)
  3. Transplanting
  4. Pest control
  5. Harvesting, picking up and transporting
  6. Preparation and drying

Soil preparation

YANMAR Multi-purpose Tiller YK850MK-F K

The amount of soil can be controlled according to the soil conditions using the adjusting handle.

The mulch sections are compact and can be easily moved even in the green house.

It can make a ridge of 200 to 430 mm in height, which is effective for drainage measurers.


Coated seeds fall close to the tray, so they can be sown just in the middle of the cell.

YANMAR Full Automatic Vegetable Seeding Machine SV410A


YANMAR Onion Transplanter PH2-TW24A

Onion Transplanters can transplant conventional onion seedlings, and saves a great deal of labor compared to manual planting.

YANMAR Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S

Highly efficient operation is performed by simultaneously planting 4 rows of onion seedlings.

Leaves Cutting

YANMAR Onion Leaves Cutting Machine 4 Rows Walking Type HT40K

Process the onion leaves before harvesting at once.

Contributes to efficiency in picking up, transporting, and drying processes.


YANMAR Onion Harvester HT20A-A

Harvesting onions planted in ridges of 4 rows by going and returning.

The dug onions can be discharged in a single row, making subsequent harvesting smooth.

By cutting leaves and stems of 4 rows of onions in one process, it increases capacity in steel containers.

Picking up

YANMAR Walking Type Onion Picker HP101T

Compact walking type, easy to operate even in small fields.

Uses Yanmar's original scraping blades.

Flooding mechanism and paddle rubber gently picks up onions.


Cross-Ridge Crawler Transport Vehicle NKCG14-HWA

The tread, loading height, and loading width can be easily changed according to ridge size and crop height.

Roots and stems of unseasoned onions, which still have a greenish taste at the neck, are cut at the proper position with high efficiency.

The cutting length of roots and leaves can be adjusted so the machine can handle onions of various shapes and sizes.


Otake Onion Roots and Leaves Cutting Machine TK-3

Just hold the onion leaves and insert them in.

The Cutting Machine cuts the roots and leaves.

Designed for dried onions and compatible with small to extra large sizes of onions.


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