YANMAR Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S

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YANMAR Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S is a riding type 4 rows onion transplanter.

This Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S has 1 seat that is operated by 1 person. The row distance is 24cm. Operating efficiency is 3500 pieces per hour.


The YANMAR Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S is a high efficient transplanter that plants 4 rows.

The Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S has oil pressured automatic up/down control that keeps the planting depth stably.

The Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S has an inclined angle adjustment lever under foot. The lever adjusts the angle of the right and left of the frame. It helps to keep the same planting depth of both sides.

The Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S and T1A have covers on inside of the soil covering wheels. Those covers protect wheels from mud and do not damage to seedlings.

The Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S and T1A have planting parts that open horizontally. That enables to hold seedlings with long leaves well. The planting parts have scrapers to remove the mud from the parts. It helps to plant accurately.

YANMAR Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S has a watering device as standard. The Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S waters while transplanting. It activates the seedlings and reduces labors. The amount of water can be adjusted. (The 20L of tank is not included.)

The Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S plants seedlings on ridges covered with mulch as well as normal ridge. The planting parts open holes on mulch and Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S plants at the same spots.

The planting distance is adjustable by a lever.

The tread of wheels can be adjusted as well according to the ridge shape. The Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S can be carried on truck by shortening the tread.


The Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S plants onion seedlings by supplying seedlings to rotary pots. The seedlings can be supplied from the seat.

The Onion Transplanter PH4R-T1S will stop operation by stepping the main clutch pedal.


PH4R-T (Row distance: 24cm)

PH4R-T1S (Row distance: 24cm) and PH4R-T1A (Row distance: 20cm)


Series PH4R
Model T T1S T1A
Seat 2 1
Row distance (cm) 24 20
Front roller YES NO YES
Scraper (planting parts) NO YES
Watering device
(tank is not included)
(Maximum 4 tanks)
Planting distance adjustment 3 levels 9 levels
One touch stand NO YES


We have a variety of option devices designed for Onion transplanter PH4R-T series. Please ask us for more information.


Model name Onion Transplanter PH4R-T
Model number PH4R
Type T
(2 persons, row distance 24cm)
(1 person, row distance 24cm)
(1 person, row distance 20cm)
Dimension Length (mm) 1970 2000
Width (mm) 1300 1500
Height (mm) 1310 1330
Weight (kg) 280 275 285
Engine Engine model FJ100G
Type Air-cooling 4 cycle engine (OHV)
Total engine displacement (L (cc) ) 0.098 (98)
Output / Rotational speed
(kW (PS) /rpm)
1.5 (2.1) /1700
Maximum output
(kW (PS) )
2.4 (3.2)
Fuel Automobile lead-free gasoline
Fuel tank capacity (L) 1.8
Starting method Recoil starter
Driving Wheel Front (mm) Rubber wheel 370
Rear (mm) Rubber lug wheel 620
Tread (mm) 1210 - 1450
The number of shift steps Forward 2, backward 1 Forward 4, backward 1
Body up/down control Oil pressuring automatic following
Body horizontal level control Oil pressuring manual adjustment
Inclined angle value (degree) Left and right 5
Planting The number of planting rows 4
Planting row distance (mm) 240 240 , 250 , 240 200 , 290 , 200
Planting distance (mm) 100 , 110 , 120 100 , 110 , 120 , 130 , 140 , 150 , 170 , 180 , 200
Ridge height (mm) 100 - 250 100 - 300
Planting distance adjustment Gear (steps)
Planting method Hole opener (open vertically) Hole opener (open horizontally)
Equipment Parking brake YES
Side clutch YES
Seat YES (2 persons operation) YES (1 person operation)
Watering device YES (tank is not included)
Ridge end sensor ∁E/td> YES
The number of operating persons 2 1
Operating efficiency (hour/10a) 4.5 - 5.5 8.5 - 9.5
The number of trays 2 boxes of containers
Seedlings Onion seedlings, pot seedlings, seedlings in cell trays

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