Attachments for PH1-WA vegetable transplanter

PH1-WA is a wide reciprocating 2-row transplanter suitable for planting cabbage, Chinese cabbage, and broccoli.
Vegetable transplanting work that used to require a lot of manpower can now be done very easily with the machine.

This article introduces attachments (sold separately) that make PH1-WA even more convenient to use, and we hope you will check out the convenient features not included in the main body of PH1-WA.

1. Irrigation attachment KS1L-PN, BAA

Transplanting and irrigation can be done at the same time, helping seedlings to take root.

Tank capacity: 10L x 1 
Battery sold separately (32B19R recommended)


2. Chemical spreader attachment YS1-PN, DSK

Transplanting and chemical (granule) spraying can be done at the same time. Mainly, it protects seedlings from pests and diseases by spraying insecticides such as ONCOL.
Battery sold separately (32B19R recommended)


3. Additional spare seedling stand PH (7C1320-48100)

For those who go back and forth over a long ridge. Attach it to the left side to increase the number of seedling beds by two.


4. Punching hole for large seedlings (7C1220-33101)

Set of hole puncher and sleeve for large seedlings for planting in vinyl pots. Applicable for seedlings up to ø60mm.


5. RS wheel for muddy fields (1C1120-26400)

Ordering is in units of one unit, so two units are required for one machine.


The PH1 -WA reduces the labor required for transplanting vegetables.

Together with the attachments, they will make your farm work more convenient.
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