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Paper Pot Complete Kit

Let's get started Paper Pot System with our Starter Package! We selected the essential items for you.

Paper Chain Pots Large Order

Do you need 10 to 50 cases of paper chain pots? Sea way is available for you!

Shipping Method

You can select a shipping method from EMS, ePacket (up to 2 KG) and DHL. If you wish to choose FedEx, please contact us.

What is Paper Pot

Paper Pot System is a highly productive system born in Japan. It is designed for planting vegetables and flowers.


Handy Seeder

Everyone can sow both coat seeds and naked seeds on trays just by sliding the surface over cell trays.

Tabanera Vegetable Bindin Machine

Our Vegetable Binding Machines are incredibly useful when it's time to ship your vegetables. It reduces a lot of time!

Vegetable Transplanter

Wide range of Multipurpose Vegetable Transplanters. We are handling Yanmar and Kubota machines.

Tractor Attachment

Versatile tractor attachments are available. Seeding and fertilizing implements used by attaching to a tractor.

Weeding Machine for Rice Paddy

Weeding Machines are designed for weeding between seedlings in paddy fields. Best for modern organic rice farmers.

Rice Transplanter

Please find second hand rice transplanters in Yahoo! Auctions from the link button and contact us with auction ID for quotation.

Yahoo! Auctions
Samurai Saws

Samurai Saws are produced here in Japan and acknowledged around the world for its high quality and product design.

Shark Saws

Shark Saws are produced from traditional craftsmanship inherited for more than 150 years in Japan.



AGRITECH EXPO 2019 in Tokyo

AGRITECH EXPO 2019 in Tokyo

We've participated in AGRITECH TOKYO every year and we will visit this year again. AGRITECH TOKYO is Japan's largest trade show for...

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Cell Plug Tray Standard for Vegetable Transplanters

Cell Plug Tray Standard for Transplanters

The standard of the cell plug trays used for full automatic transplanters were defined as the chart below by MAFF and JA...

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Growing microgreens at home!

This is the page for those who are interested in starting microgreen farming. In this page, we are going to show you our recommend...

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Rice Farming Equipment

All About Japanese Rice Farming

Rice is one of the most important crops here in Japan and many Asian countries. Rice farming is said to be started around 10,000 years ago...

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Useful Handy Manual Seeders

Useful Handy Manual Seeders

Manual Seeders are some of our best selling farm equipment. We have both compact and medium size seeders...

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Rice Milling Machines and Rice Hullers

Rice Milling Machines and Rice Hullers

Our Rice Milling Machines are some of our featured products made in Japan. We are located in rice farming area in Japan...

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Sweet Potato Transplanters

Sweet Potato Transplanters

Planting a lot of sweet potatoes is quite tiresome? We have a best solution for you. It's a Sweet Potato Semi-Automatic Transplanter....

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Takemura Soil pH and Moisture Tester

Why don't you use Soil pH and Moisture Tester?

Generally, we think that proper amount of manure and moisture added to the soil is good enough for growing vegetables. However,...

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There are a lot of unique and original farm equipment that hail from Japan. Japanese farm equipment is known the world over for being compact, adaptable and functional. We also offer many farm tools and supplies that are designed to make farm work easier, while reducing both labor and time. Our products are designed with both small and large corporate farms in mind.


Japanese farm equipment has three characteristics based on traditional Japanese agriculture fundamentals.

  1. High performance equipment increases productivity with less manpower.
  2. Compact body with multi-functions. Reducing labor, time, price and space.
  3. Carefully engineered equipment maximizes the overall quality of crops.

We believe strongly that quality and durability are an essential cornerstone to our company and its products. Our many years in business is a true test to that.

Unlike other countries, it's uncommon to have to fix or repair farm equipment in Japan. Japanese equipment is designed to work for many years to come. Japanese machines are designed to be easily maintained as well. Additionally, many foreign farmers seek out second hand Japanese machines such as tractors and harvesters because Japan prides itself on building machines that work well, even after they've become old.

It's incredibly beneficial to our foreign customers because after they buy our Japanese made farm equipment, they typically go years without having to do any special maintenance or repairs. Saving them, and you money in the long run.

A majority of our products are made here in Japan. Our products are often imitated, but can never be duplicated by other countries. Japanese craftsmanship is revered the world over. We can guarantee we will exceed your expectations and satisfaction with the quality of our products. Not to mention, we offer the best price's for products AND shipping.


Farm lands in Japan are relatively small when compared to North America or Australia mainly because, Japan simply doesn't have the same land mass. In turn, there are a large amount of small family run farms in Japan that have been inherited and taken care of generation after generation.

An aging society is another factor that Japanese manufactures take into consideration when they are designing farm equipment. The aging population especially in the agriculture sector is a serious problem. The majority of farmers here are aged 65 and up. Other issues the Japanese farming sector is subject to are labor shortages, long hours and hard work. The younger generation in Japan are not that eager to take up farming because of the difficult situations such as high labor cost, unstable manpower and unpredictable work that's dependent on the weather.

In order to solve these problems, Japanese farm equipment is designed to be compact and functional as we've mentioned above.


In recent years, small Japanese farming has been attracting attention from all over the world. Small farmers have the same needs as Japanese farmers (which we've mentioned earlier). The characteristics of Japanese farm equipment are designed to perfectly meet the demands of farmers in every country. This is one of the many reasons why Social Media like YouTube have been drawing attention to Japanese farm equipment.

We would like to be available to provide Japanese farm equipment to small farmers around the world, as well as dedicate ourselves to global agriculture.

“We would love to share our unique Japanese equipment with the world to help improve your farm.”

This is our mission and passion. This is why we started the Japan Agri Trading online store.


Japanese farm equipment is known the world over for having outstanding performance and originality. Already many foreign farmers are using Japanese farm equipment and machinery. However, there isn't any other integrated online store where you can easily buy Japanese farm equipment instantly from around the world.

It's a big process to export items from Japan to outside countries. For example, preparing export documents, arranging deliveries, as well as answering the questions of farmers all around the world about numerous different crops. The processes varies according to the products, price and packaging size. Furthermore, it's difficult to support foreign customers from a distance.

Considering such difficulties, most of the E-commerce companies hesitate to take such risks to initiate an online store to sell farming equipment and supplies internationally.

Why did we start Japan Agri Trading Online store then? We simply think "We would love to share our unique Japanese equipment with the world to help improve your farm." We started our business as a small shop a long time ago. We have been challenging and expanding our business by taking risks and accepting changes. This led us to start up our Japan Agri Trading online store.

Where do we see ourselves in 10 years? How do we wish to participate and exceed in the world agriculture market? These questions brought us to the international farm equipment online store, Japan Agri Trading.