YANMAR Crawler Type Onion Picker HP101T

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Significantly saves labor in picking up onions after digging.

Increased work speed and improved work efficiency from 0.15 m/s to 0.2 m/s.

Ideal for picking up after digging with walk-behind harvesters.

Mini-container and steel container types are available.



Floating mechanism and paddle rubber

Uses Yanmar's unique raking blades.

The floating mechanism and paddle rubber gently pick up onions.

Vibrating conveyor

By vibrating the conveying part, the soil adhering to the picked onions can be removed.

In addition, by adopting a torque limiter as a safety device, the loss time from stop to return has been reduced.

Compact design & crawler

The compact walking type makes it easy to handle even in small fields.

The wide tread makes it possible to work across wide and high ridges.

In addition, it uses a crawler that is excellent in driving straight and allows for stable work.

Adjustable divider width

The divider width can be adjusted in 3 steps: 910mm, 960mm, and 1025mm.

Wide tread specification (HP101T, W, HT101T, WLC)

Because of the wide tread, you can work without stepping on ridges, and the running is stable.

The minimum ground clearance is 100mm higher than the standard specification. Ridge heights up to 350mm are also available.

Holds up to 45 empty containers

The maximum number of empty containers that can be loaded has been increased from 27 in the past to 3 on the container stand and 42 on the auxiliary container stand, for a total of 45.

As a result, work can be done in a 100m long field in one stroke, greatly improving continuous work performance.

In addition, guard pipes and container stoppers firmly hold down the sides of containers, so there is no need to worry about empty containers falling during transportation or work.

Moreover, continuous supply of empty containers is possible. Accommodate onions without interrupting work.

Container discharge

The container containing the onion is discharged on the ridge when it becomes full.

Either one or two discharges can be selected depending on the mounting position of the discharge part.



HP101T, W (LC)


Model name HP101T
Dimensions Length (mm) 2335
<when ​​retracted: 2175>
<when ​​retracted: 2915>
<when ​​retracted: 2175>
<when ​​retracted: 2915>
Width (mm) 2330
1430 2360
Height (mm) 1625
<when ​​retracted: 1970>
Weight (kg) 467 607 481 620
Engine Model name GB131LN-400
Type Air-cooled 4-stroke gasoline engine
Total displacement (L {cc}) 0.126 {126}
Rated output/rotational speed (kW {PS}/rpm) 2.3 {3.1}/1800
Maximum output (kW {PS}) 3.0 {4.2}
Fuel used Unleaded gasoline for automobiles
Fuel tank capacity (L) 2.5
Starting method Recoil starter type
Driving part Crawler Width x ground length (mm) 110×1046 110×1105
Center distance (mm) 1270 1390
Average ground pressure (kPa) 19.9 25.8 19.3 25.0
Swivel system Side clutch
Gear shift system Gear transmission type
Number of gears (steps) Forward 2, Reverse 1
Working speed Frontward (m/s) Low speed: 0.20
High speed: 0.71
Backward (m/s) 0.23
Raking part Scrape width (mm) 790
Divider width (mm) 910/960/1025
Scraping method Parallel link rotation/Rubber splash type
Conveyor method Chamber conveyor system
Container Container type Mini container Iron container (accompanying) Mini container Iron container (accompanying)
Applicable container maximum height (mm) - 1700 - 1800
Shooter width - 532 - 532
Container supply method Continuous input/
semi-automatic discharge method
- Continuous input/
semi-automatic discharge method
Number of empty containers loaded (pieces) Up to 45 - Up to 45 -
Applicable crop Onion
Efficiency <calculated value> (hour/10a) 2.0 to 2.5
Model name TP90 Z0033 TP90 Z0033
Safety inspection pass number NARO 20/162 NARO 20/163 NARO 20/162 NARO 20/163

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