YANMAR Onion Leaves Cutting Machine 4 Rows Walking Type HT40K

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Process the onion leaves before harvesting at once.

Contributes to efficiency in picking up, transporting, and drying processes.

By processing the stems and leaves before picking up by the Onion Picker, the onion capacity of the container is increased.

In addition, the drying time of onions can be significantly reduced.



1 ridge for 4 rows in 1 stroke

4 rows on a bed of onion stems and leaves can be cut in 1 process.

Dividing belt and raising belt

Fallen stems and leaves are raised and cut by the dividing belt and the raising belt.

Uses clipper type blades

Cut the stems and leaves cleanly.

Uses a spiral auger

Distribute the cut stems and leaves in two rows to the left and right and discharge them.

Since it does not drop on the ridge, post-work is smooth.



Digging attachment

Undercutting attachment


Model HT40K
Dimensions Length (mm) 2045
Width (mm) 1500
Height (mm) 1350
Weight (kg) 492
Engine Model name GB131LN
Type Air-cooled 4-stroke gasoline engine
Rated output/rotational speed (kW {PS}/min-1) 2.3 {3.1}/1800
Fuel used Unleaded gasoline for automobiles
Fuel tank capacity (L) 2.5
Starting method Recoil starter type
Driving part Crawler Width x ground length (mm) 110 x 895
Center distance (mm) 1390
Average ground pressure (kPa {kgf}/cm2) 24.5 {0.25}
Gear shift system Stepped gear/belt tension
Number of gears (steps) 4 forwards, 2 backwards
Working speed Low speed Forward F1 (m/s) 0.15
F2 (m/s) 0.43
Backward R1 (m/s) 0.17
High speed Forward F1 (m/s) 0.23
F2 (m/s) 0.69
Backward R1 (m/s) 0.27
Raising part Cutting number (rows) Four
Row spacing (mm) 250
Leaf cutting height (mm) 100 to 150
Cutting blade to raising tine height (mm) 75, 100, 125
Raising method Tine belt
Reaping part Harvester type Reciprocating blade type
Adapted crop Onion
Applicable ridge height (mm) 50 to 300
Applicable ridge width Top width (mm) 900 to 1000
Bottom width (mm) 1200 or less
Plastic mulch availability None
Applicable row spacing (mm) 240 to 250
Applicable row number 1 ridge 4 rows
Work efficiency (calculated value) (hour/10a) 1.1 to 2.0

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