YANMAR Multi-purpose Tiller YK850MK-F K

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Low center of gravity and powerful performance which is suitable for vegetable growing professionals.

For easy operation, the levers and powerful engine are concentrated at hand, and the rotary makes the most of it.

Equipped with functions to meet the needs of professional vegetable farmers.



Levers are located at hands

All the levers used for work are concentrated around the handle.

Main clutch lever

You can easily turn on/off the main clutch and two-stage high/low sub-transmission with a single lever, making it easy to perform high-efficiency work by starting ridge building work at low speed and then at high speed.

Main gear lever

Forward/reverse multi-speed transmission with 4 forward and 4 reverse gears (6 forward and 2 reverse gears for C specification) for a variety of work.
With the same number of speeds even when the handle is in the reverse position, forward movement can be performed quickly with the handle in the reverse position, such as during ridge building work. In addition, the main shift lever can be easily operated with a hand lever.

Off lever

You can disengage the main clutch with light force while holding the steering wheel.

Emergency stop wire

When the wire at the handle is moved, the main clutch lever returns to the "off" position and stops.

Rotary clutch lever

The turning on and off of the rotary can be done at the handle, and work can be done efficiently (when the rotary is installed).

Handle and main gear lever can be turned with one touch according to the work.

In addition, the left and right side clutch levers can be easily replaced without tools according to the direction of the steering wheel.


Model YK850MK-F
Dimensions Length (mm) 1650 1675 1650 1675
Width (mm) 630
Height (mm) 1170
Weight (kg) 100 104 110 114
Engine Model name GB290LN GB290LL GB290LN GB290LL
Type Air-cooled 4-cycle OHV gasoline engine
Total displacement (L {cc}) 0.296 {296}
Rated output/rotational speed (kW {PS}/rpm) 4.4 {6.0}/1800
Maximum output (kW {PS}) 6.3 {8.5}
Fuel used Unleaded gasoline for automobiles
Fuel tank capacity (L) 5.0 (prescribed amount)
Air cleaner method Oil bath
Starting method Recoil starter type Cell starter type (combined with recoil starter type) Recoil starter type Cell starter type (combined with recoil starter type)
Spark plug Made by NGK (BP5ES)
Driving part Power transmission Engine to spindle V-belt SB44 x 2
Spindle to wheel Spur gear to chain
Driving speed
Handle is in the normal position: Forward
handle is in the reverse position: Reverse
Number of gears Main Deputy F4/R4 F4/R4
1st gear 1 low 0.24 0.24
2nd gear 1 high 0.35 0.36
3rd gear 2 low 1.23 1.24
4th gear 2 high 1.79 1.81
5th gear 3 low - -
6 speed 3 high - -
Driving speed
Handle is in the normal position: reverse
handle is in the reverse position: forward
1st gear 1 low 0.29 0.29
2nd gear 1 high 0.42 0.42
3rd gear 2 low 0.64 0.65
4th gear 2 high 0.94 0.95
Wheel Tire 4.00-8 (φ435) Tire 17×8.00-8 (φ440)
Wheel track (mm) 190-580 380-545
Axle width (mm) 257
Axle shape (mm) Hexagon (opposite side 26)
Axle pipe shape (mm) Inner hexagon outer circle (Φ39.5)
Main clutch type Belt tension type
Auxiliary transmission type Ball clutch
Steering clutch type Ball type
Handle Left/right rotation adjustment Chrysanthemum type seat + disc spring
Vertical rotation adjustment Chrysanthemum type seat + one touch 3 steps
PTO rotation speed (rpm) 703

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