How to cultivate farm fast, till and make raised beds using Kubota Cultivator

On a sunny day in March, we cultivated our farm using a Kubota Cultivator TRS600.

We would like to demonstrate how to cultivate small farms and gardens using the mini cultivator with our experiences.

This is our farm 600 sq. meter (0.15 acre = 6 a) looked like before cultivating.


Kubota Cultivator Rear Rotary Type 6.3HP TRS600

We used Kubota Cultivator Rear Rotary Type 6.3HP TRS600.

The Kubota Cultivator TRS600 is actually not just cultivating the soil but also tilling the hard soil, making raised beds for planting, mixing fertilizers with soil and weeding as well!

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Kubota Cultivator Rear Rotary Type 6.3HP TRS600

Tilling and cultivating the hard soil

The first thing we found was how easy to start the cultivator.

Just pulling the starter string, it started stably.

The powerful 6.3 horsepower engine and tires drive for stable work.

It works as well as a tiller because the rotary can be rotated in the opposite direction, and it tills even on hard soil.

This is our farm after cultivating in an hour of pushing around the mini cultivator. Look how our farm was cultivated very well!

We are very surprised that the cultivator works so easy and fast to cultivate the hard soil.

Making raised beds

After cultivating the soil, we made raised beds using the same Kubota TRS600 Cultivator.

It comes with a raised bed forming mat so you don't need a ridge forming machine.

Easy to set up, easy to adjust the shape of the ridges, and easy to make raised beds.

Cultivating the soil allows plenty of air in the soil and good drainage so that the roots of vegetables can grow well.

Making better soil conditions

If you spread compost or fertilizer and plow it with the cultivator, you can evenly mix it with the soil, which saves tons of labor!

Spreading fertilizer on the soil and stirring it with a mini cultivator will increase the effect of fertilization.

Like eggplants and bell peppers, which are popular in home gardens, are vegetables that last for a long time by quickly plowing in organic matter such as residue from farms, the soil will be even better conditions.


If weeds grow around the aisle or field, weed them out.

If you set the "weeding attachment" to the cultivator, you can do it easily.

Weeds can be removed in a short time, so you can rest assured even in the hot summer.

After harvesting the crops, the cultivator makes it easy to flatten the ridges.

The cultivator works throughout the year in versatile purposes.

Sow seeds using Jang Seeder JP-1

Finally, we used Jang Seeder JP-1 to sow various vegetable seeds directly to the farm.

We sowed spinach, white radish, green onions, Chinese cabbage and more.

The seed rollers can be changed according to the size of the seeds.

In this time, we used our standard size roller MM-16 for spinach and YJ-12 for smaller seeds.

The Jang Seeder can also change the planting distance by changing the combination of the sprockets.

To be honest, it worked SO MUCH faster and easier than our expectations!

Jang Seeder JP-1 is just an amazing and versatile seeder which we highly recommends!


After all of this works done, we really appreciated how much easy and fast to prepare our farm using Kubota Cultivator and Jang Seeder.

We are handling a wide range of machines which reduce your labor and help your farming and gardening so much in many ways.

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