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Showing 1 - 24 of 80 products
Radish Automatic High-Speed Washing Machine 3000pcs/h
Kubota Lettuce Packaging/Wrapping Machine 650pcs/h LH-655
Otake Onion Roots and Leaves Cutting Machine TK-3
Ginkgo nuts peeling machine 100V-400W GN-15Ginkgo nuts peeling machine 100V-400W GN-15
Root Vegetable Washing machine 800-1000/h 100V-200W FS-40WRoot Vegetable Washing machine 800-1000/h 100V-200W FS-40W
Pumpkin Polishing machine 500-1000/h 100V-200W M-61KAPumpkin Polishing machine 500-1000/h 100V-200W M-61KA
Watermelon Polishing machine 500-1000/h 100V-200W SP-2151
Melon Washing machine for Large size 500-1000/h 100V-200W MK-12
Melon Washing machine 500-1000/h 100V-200W MT-2100
Potato Polishing machine 800-1000kg/h 100V-400W B-120D
Potato Polishing machine 600-800kg/h 100V-200W B-100
Taro Sorting machine S5-260
CHIKUSHIGO Taro Sorting machine S5-260
Sale price¥400,026 JPY
Taro Sorting machine S4-260
CHIKUSHIGO Taro Sorting machine S4-260
Sale price¥368,445 JPY
Taro Sorting machine S3-260
CHIKUSHIGO Taro Sorting machine S3-260
Sale price¥333,355 JPY
Taro Hair Root Cutter CB-1200-V4
Long Onion Peeling machine 700/h 100V-10W NKH-04T
Long Onion Peeling machine 900/h 100V-10W NKH-07T
Long Onion Root and Leaves Cutting machine NN-2220L
Lotus Root Washing machine 600-900/h 100V-200W RN-3151TAN

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