Otake Onion Roots and Leaves Cutting Machine TK-3

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Just hold the onion leaves and insert them in.

The Cutting Machine cuts the roots and leaves.

Designed for dried onions and compatible with small to extra large sizes of onions.


  • Equipped with durable disk cutters.
  • Utilizing two different types of rollers to support cutting process.
  • It reduces the root clogging by the new design.
  • Easy to do maintenance and clean by taking off the side cover. The rollers can be replaced easily by unscrewing.


Model Name TK-3
Length (mm) 780
Width (mm) 355
Height (mm) 705
Weight (kg) 49
Leave length (mm) 10 to 30
Cutting method Disk cutter
Conveying method Holding leaves by V belts
Conveying speed (mm/s) 120
Efficiency (pieces / hour)
Up to 1800
Motor Single-phase 100V / 60W
Applicable onion
  • Size: S to LL
  • Diameter (mm): up to 120
  • Height (mm): up to 115
  • Leave length (mm): longer than 100
  • Dried onions only

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