Kubota Multifunction Compact Tiller TA701N-SCJ

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This one unit makes vegetable growing more interesting.

A wide variety of attachments expand the possibilities of farm work.

This machine brings out the power of attachments for the diverse needs of professionals.

Three types of soil bed shaping (high flat, small, and high) and simultaneous mulch operation are possible.

For multi-crop growers and those who plan to increase the variety of crops!



Handle Rotation

Handle can be rotated with one-touch depending on the work. By "releasing" and "locking" the turning lever, it can be easily done without tools.

High output engine 6.3 PS

Environmentally friendly engine that complies with voluntary Tier 3 exhaust gas emission regulations in Japan.

Powerful enough to perform even in hard or wet soil. Deep plowing and large swell plowing can be done with ease and precision.

Operability and Convenience

  1. Main switch
  2. Main clutch lever
  3. Finger lever
  4. Main gear shift lever
  5. PTO clutch lever
  6. Auxiliary main clutch lever
  7. Handle height adjustment lever

Handle Height Adjustment Lever

The handle height can be adjusted to the optimum height according to the work being performed and the operator's physique.

Easy operation by simply pushing the lever with your finger makes it easier to maneuver the machine when turning.


Ridge Making Rotary w/ Mulching Function

1. Hitch pin

The attachment can be assembled while the hitch pin is inserted into the hitch part of the unit, eliminating the need for troublesome fine-tuning. It can be set by one person and is efficient.

2. Ridge dimension label

By matching the scale on the label on the attachment, you can easily make ridges with the desired ridge shape and dimensions.

3. Shaping board

Adopts a large resin plate with little adhesion of soil. The tightness of the ridges is good, and ridges suitable for growing crops can be made.

4. Depth adjustment handle

Since the depth of the claws can be changed with a single handle, the amount of soil in the shaping section can be easily adjusted according to the ridge height and field conditions. You can create beautiful ridges that do not easily collapse.

5. Opening wheel

Uses plastic spokes with 270 degree opening. It is possible to reliably cover the bottom of the mulch sheet, which is U-shaped. This makes it difficult for the mulch-sheet to come off even when exposed to rain and wind. In addition, the strength of the wheel sponge has been increased to improve durability.

6. Foldable compact mulch

The mulch arm operation handle is positioned low and in front, so you can set it in a comfortable posture. It can also be folded for easy handling and compact storage.

7. One-touch exchange mechanism

Mulch sheet installation and removal can be done easily with one touch.

  1. Insert the L-shaped bracket into the mulch sheet.
  2. Installation complete!

8. Pressing roller

The upper surface of the ridges is well tightened, allowing mulch working to be carried out in close contact with the ridges.


Model TA701N-SCJ
Length x Width x Height (mm) 1550 x 625 x 1145
Weight (kg) 76
Engine Engine model GB181
Type Inclined OHV
Total displacement (L) 0.181
Output (kW{PS}/rpm) 3.3(4.5)/1700
Max output (kW{PS}) 4.6(6.3)
Fuel tank capacity (L) 2.8
Cab quick drain Yes
Driving Wheels (tire) 4.00-7
Wheel tread (mm) 190 to 490
Steering clutch method Ball method
Steering clutch switching method One-touch switching method
Safety Start check device Yes
Emergency stop lever Yes
Emergency stop switch Yes
High-speed forward traction Yes
High-speed backward traction Yes (automatic switch)
PTO backward traction Yes
Operation Finger clutch Yes (push / pull)
PTO lever Yes
Main speed lever (main/sub) One lever (Main / sub interlocking)
Remote operated stand Yes
Handle vertical adjustment Lever type
Steering wheel vertical step 4 steps
Steering wheel left/right adjustment Lever type
Workability Steering wheel forward position Gear Shift Front 6, back 3 gears
Driving speed (at rated speed) Front: 0.63 to 4.3 (km/h)
Back: 0.6 to 1.2 (km/h)
Handle reverse position Gear Shift Front 4, back 3 gears
Driving speed (at rated speed) Front: 0.60 to 2.00 (km/h)
Back: 0.63 to 1.30 (km/h)

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