Paper Pot Double Row Transplanter HP-7IV

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This Paper Pot Transplanter can plant two rows.

Paper Pot Transplanter save your labor and time of planting work.

By just pulling it, you can ditch, plant, cover and pressure all in a process.


  • Integrated transplanter that can ditch, plant, cover and pressure.
  • Man-powered simple and easy transplanter that anybody can handle.


Model Name HP-7IV
Length 1,627 to 1,741 (mm)
5.34 to  5.71 (ft)
Width 680 (mm)
2.23 (ft)
Height 736 to 981 (mm)
2.41 to 3.22 (ft)
Weight 16.1 kg
Planting Row 2 rows
Grooving Depth 53 (mm)
2.1 (inch)
Paper Chain Pot Type CP303, LP303-10, LP303-15, CP353

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