Kubota Reaper Binder 2 wheels 2 rows RJ550

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Designed for easy operation and efficient harvesting. Kubota Reaper Binders will support rice farmers  with clean harvesting.

Available 3 types of Kubota Reaper Binders with 2.4 PS to 6.4 PS.

2 wheels 2 rows 3.8 to 6.3 PS model.


Advanced Operation

Reaper Binder Features 1

High power inclined horizontal axis OHV engine

An eco-friendly engine that complies with the self-regulation of exhaust gas. With a low center of gravity, you can safely enter to fields and turn.

Reaper Binder Features 2

Engine emergency stop switch

In the event of an unforeseen situation, safety will be assured that the engine will stop when you press the switch.

Reaper Binder Features 3

Shuttle shift(RJ350 / RJ550)

No clutch, one lever can switch between forward and reverse. The turn is also smooth.

Useful functions

Reaper Binder Features 4

Storage stand

(RJ250 is standard / RJ350 is optional)
It stabilizes the main unit during storage and prevents tire deformation.

Reaper Binder Features 5

Swing Divider

(Optional installation on RJ550) Gently raise up even lying down or entangled crops.

Reaper Binder Features 6

Sickle holder

Since the sickle can be stored, the sickle can be taken out immediately when cutting by hand.


Reaper Binder Features 10

Central oil control

(D / DW / SD specifications only) Adopted a "centralized lubrication device" that can lubricate various parts of the main unit with a single touch.

Reaper Binder Features 11

One-touch attachment / detachment of string guide plate

Since the string guide plate can be removed with a single touch without using tools, maintenance can be performed easily.

Reaper Binder Features 12

Easy attachment / detachment of string stand

Since the string stand can be easily removed without tools, maintenance such as replacement of the safety pin for cutting drive can be easily performed.


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