Radish Automatic High-Speed Washing Machine 3000pcs/h

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You can instantly clean a large amount of radishes with high water pressure nozzles and brushes that rotate at high speed.

In addition, this washing machine can be adjusted according to the size, length and amount of dirt on the radish.

By adjusting it fitting to the radishes you grow, the finish will be even closer to perfect.



D-3AE 1

High pressure cleaning by 16 nozzles

Not only are there 9 nozzles on the top, but there are also 7 nozzles on the side at different angles. The water ejected from a total of 16 nozzles and the three rotating brushes combine to create an outstanding finish.

D-3AE 2

Rotation speed control function

Since it has an inverter, the rotation speed of the brush can be adjusted according to the finish you like. You can mass-produce beautiful radishes by adjusting the size and dirtiness of the radishes.

D-3AE 3

Easy to clean the bottom tray

A removable water tank is installed at the bottom of the machine. This makes it easier to dispose of and clean the dirt.


Model D-3AE (Single Phase) D-3BE (Three-Phase)
Length 2000 mm
Width 600 mm
Height 1100 mm
Loading height 750 to 1100 mm
Unloading height 540 to 890 mm
Brush Detachable type with shaft 1815 mm x 3
Weight 160 kg
Motor 100V 400W 200V 400W
Efficiency 2500 to 3000 radishes / hour
Required dynamic jet
(including hose adapter)

This product requires a separate dynamic jet.
Normal pressure: 4.0 MPa
water absorption: 30-40L
motor output: 3.7kw
Dynamic jet connection hose diameter:
outer diameter 17.5 x inner diameter 9.5
hose adapter: size 3/8

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