Kubota Lettuce Packaging/Wrapping Machine 650pcs/h LH-655

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Wrapping lettuce easy, clean and fast just putting in the machine!

650 pcs of lettuce will be wrapped in an hour!

This mode uses generic adhesive tape and plastic film you can find in the market.


Top cover open/close function

The cover on the top of the machine can be easily opened and closed. The pieces of lettuce and wrapping paper can be easily removed out.

50mm wide tape is applicable

By changing the shape of the tape cartridge, 50 mm wide sealing tape can be used in addition to the conventional 38 mm wide tape. Vertical lettuce and lettuce of 2L or more can be neatly wrapped and sealed.

Side door for easy cleaning

A cleaning door is provided on the side of the machine. You can easily clean and maintain the inside of the machine without removing the whole side cover.

Roller brake

The brake of the wrapping paper receiving roller is driven by a motor. It prevents the wrapping paper from slipping when cutting the wrapping paper, and can reliably stop rolling.

Easy operation

Just putting lettuce by hands, the machine wraps the lettuce quick and beautifully.


Model LH-655
Dimension Length (mm) 1350
Width (mm) 820
Height (mm) 950
Weight (kg) 178
Efficiency (pcs/h) 650
Packing starting method Area sensor type automatic start
Wrapping paper feeder Feeding method Roll paper automatic holding and conveying
Applicable wrapping paper (mm) Width: 400 to 650
Feeding: 400 to 630
Paper capacity (m) 1000
Film material Polypropylene (OPP), polystyrene (OPS)
Film thickness (mm) 0.015
Wrapping part Lettuce feeding method Manual
Lettuce discharging method Chute type automatic method
Feeding height (mm) 830
Wrapping method Wrapping from 4 corners
Taping method Automatic taping by adhesive tape
Applicable tape width (mm) 50 and 38
Cut scrap removing method Automatic discharge from exclusive door
Applicable lettuce size Diameter (mm) Smaller than 200
Height (mm) Shorter than 190
Applicable crops Lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, green ball
Power (V) AC100
Electric consumption (W) 181
Necessary devices Air compressor (Higher than 0.75kW, 6 to 8 kgf/sq cm, larger than 50 L tank)

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