Jang Seed Roller for Jang Seeder JP Series

JANG SEEDERSKU: Jang-seed-roller-YJ-12

Sale price¥5,075 JPY


Designed for use with Jang Seeder JP series. The Jang Seed Rollers are made of special material to discharge static electricity.

Please select a seed roller type from the table below.

Seed Type Hole diameter (mm) Number of holes
Bok choy, Indian mustard, vitamin YYJ-12 3 12
Winter-grown cabbage YJ-12 3 12
Crown daisy MJ-12 6.5 12
Spinach F-12 5 12
Carrot M-12 5 12
Radish Q-4 8 4
Curled mallow YK-12 3.5 12
Chives, chamnamul A-6 13.5 6
Sorghum R-12 9 12
Soybean N-6 16 6
Wheat, buckwheat C-12 11 12
Sesame X-8 4 8
Sweet corn S-4 4
Corn U-4 4


  • It will take 1 to 2 weeks to ship to your address after receiving your order.
  • Seed spacing can be adjusted as well by changing the gear ratio by using 6 sprockets provided with Jang Seeder.


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