Kubota Cultivator Rear Rotary Type 6.3HP TRS6000

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It has cultivation blades which rotate both forward and reverse.

Reverse tillage is possible without replacing the claw shaft.

You can cultivate even hard fields stably and powerfully utilizing 6.3 HP engine.



1. Stable and powerful cultivation

Powerful 6.3 horsepower engine and tires drive for stable work.

The rotary can be rotated in the opposite direction, and is stable even on hard soil.

2. Easy to make various size of soil bed

It comes with a ridge forming mat so you don't need a ridge forming machine.

Easy to set up, easy to adjust the shape of the ridges, and easy to make ridges.

It can also be used for full-fledged ridge making, cultivation, weeding, etc.

There are also models available that allow required ridge making, cultivation, weeding, etc.

3. Convenient and safety control

Forward/stop and gear shifting can be easily controlled with a simple lever operation.

In addition, safety-conscious equipment such as emergency stop, parking brake, rotary stop when turning, etc are equipped.

  1. Easy start
  2. Wet air cleaner
  3. Fuel tank that allows you to see the remaining amount at a glance
  4. Reliable work lever
  5. QR code
  6. Handle adjustment lever at your hands
  7. Simple shifting operation with one lever
  8. Parking brake
  9. Movable tail wheel
  10. With rotary reversal that can easily plow hard soil
  11. Large diameter tire (Option J Type)
  12. Variable tread type


Model TRS6000
Length (mm) 1495
Width (mm) 620
Height (mm) 1075
Weight (kg) 88
Engine Model GB181LN-325
Type Air-cooled 4-cycle inclined OHV gasoline engine
Total displacement (L {cc}) 0.181{181}
Maximum output (kW {PS}) 4.6{6.3}
Fuel tank capacity (L) 2.5
Rated output/rpm (kW {PS}/rpm) 3.1{4.2}/1700
Starting method Recoil starter
Driving Wheel (tire) 3.50-7
Track (outer width) (mm) 250 (350), 350 (450), 400 (500) 3 steps adjustable
Main clutch method Belt tension type
Steering clutch system Differential type (with lock)
Number of gears (steps) Forward 2, Reverse 1
Rotary Drive system Center drive
Number of gears (steps) Forward rotation 1, reverse rotation 1
Plowing width (mm) 550
Maximum plowing depth (mm) 160

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