3 Recommended Products for Green Onion Scallion Farmers

Here in Japan, long green onion (scallion) is one of the essential vegetable in our cuisine. By topping on soup, noodles, tofu and meats, green onion adds nice taste to all kind of Japanese food.

Green onion is very popular vegetable in Japan not only for eating but also farming. Actually, some Japanese manufactures develop their whole products  exclusively for green onion because green onion is such a popular vegetable in Japan.

We would like to introduce a few of our favorite products used in green onion farms that are loved by farmers.

Spring Onion Peeling & Washing Machine

The Spring Onion Peeling & Washing Machine washes spring onions very fast and quietly by hydraulic pressure.

The machine peels and cleans the root beautifully even green onions have mud. The Spring Onion Peeling & Washing Machine peels and washes approximately 80 to 120 kg of green onions per hour.

If you are green onion farmers, we recommend to consider Peeling & Washing Machine in your farm.

Electric Vegetable Binding Machine

After farming green onions by the machines, it' time to deliver fine green onions to consumers.

Electric Vegetable Binding Machine 5000-V is designed for binding various types of vegetables by tape. The Electric Vegetable Binding Machine 5000-V will bind green onions by connecting two Binding Machines with a cable.

By connecting two units with a relay cable (sold separately), the Binding Machines bundle vegetables simultaneously just by pushing one button.

If you have boxes of vegetables to be bundled by tape, one of these Vegetable Binding Machines will reduce a lot of labors and time.

Green onions binded by a Binding Machine

Paper Pot Transplanter

Paper Pot Transplanter truly is an authentic manual transplanter that won't require a power source. Just by easily pulling it backwards along ridges, you will finish your planting in a remarkably short time.

Paper Pot Transplanter is ideal for planting a large array of vegetables and flowers. Here in Japan, it's quite popular to use the Paper Pot Transplanter for planting leeks, along with other vegetables such as asparagus, spinach, broccoli, cabbage and several other chrysanthemums and sunflowers.

Please read "What is Paper Pot System?" page for more information.

Paper Pot Transplanter

What are scallions?

Scallions is a general name that includes green onion, leek, chive, garlic and onion. Scallions are harvested around the world. Japanese green onion looks little different from other scallions.

A Japanese green onion looks like a leek. Japanese green onions are longer and contain much water than other kinds of scallions. Long green onion is called negi (ねぎ) in Japanese, that is known as scallions, spring onions or salad onions in English.

Here in Japan, green onions are sowed twice a year from March to April and from September to October. The harvest season is generally in September to December before the ground is covered with snow.