Unique Tools and Supplies for Persimmon Fruits

When persimmon fruits are getting orange in autumn, it makes me feel kind of traditional autumn mood.

Persimmon trees bear many fruits every year. My favorite persimmon is Fuyu Persimmon. Fuyu persimmon is a kind of sweet persimmon. Fuyu persimmon actually is very sweet. "Fuyu" (富有) means "rich" in Japanese. Richness in the sweet taste. It is no wonder why they named it "Fuyu".

We have a variety of unique tools for persimmon used in harvest and post-harvest time.

Hanging Supplies

For making dried persimmon, we have several types of Hanging Supplies.

We have 3 types of Persimmon Clips as well as Persimmon Hangers.

Bitter and astringent persimmon fruits will be surprisingly sweet after drying. If you have a lot of bitter (astringent) persimmon fruits, dried persimmon is a good option. Dried persimmon is popular in Asian countries.

Persimmon hanging supplies

Clip Type MA MB MC
Material Stainless steel Weather resistant PP PC
Features The clip is inserted under the stem of the persimmon, which does not have a jug, and the persimmon is hung. Can be used by hanging 2 pieces like a balance or horizontal hanging on a rope. Persimmon stalks are inserted into the V-shaped groove and hung vertically. Since it is hung vertically, it does not take up much space. Persimmon stalks are inserted into the V-shaped groove, and two persimmons are hung horizontally on a pole which prevents deformation of the dried persimmons.
Manufactured Made in Japan

Persimmon is getting popular!

Persimmon has been a popular fruit in China, Korea and Japan. And now, it is getting popular in European countries as well.

Recently, we have received orders from Turkey for Persimmon Hangers.

We are very pleased to serve farmers around the world like you. We are waiting for your orders and inquiries.

Picking Shears and High-Branch Pruning Shears

Fruit Picking Shears and High-Branch Pruning Shears are used for cutting persimmon trees as well. The Pruning Shears cut persimmon fruits and trees without damaging persimmon fruits.

The High-Branch Pruning Shears reach and pick persimmon fruits efficiently.

We have a lot of shears by many Japanese makers. We just listed here two shears for cutting persimmon trees as our recommendation.

Pruner for persimmon


If you peel a lot of persimmon fruits, we recommend to have one of Persimmon Peeling Machines. We have both manual and automatic type of Persimmon Peeling Machines.

The Peeling Machines spin persimmon and other fruits fast for peeling even hard skins of fruits. Those Persimmon Peeling Machines are designed especially for persimmon.

Persimmon peeling machine