Manual Seeders for Small Farms and Home Gardening

Manual Seeders are some of our best selling farm equipment.

We have both compact and medium size seeders operated manually.

If you are small farmers, Manual Seeders are must-haves that reduce time and labor, as well as cost.

Handy Manual Seeders

Handy Manual Seeders are one of our featured seeders. They are simple, economical, and versatile.

Handy Manual Seeder G-80 is a palm size seeder that sows small naked seeds.

Just by moving and rolling it over the plug tray cells, it sows 1 to 5 pieces of small naked seeds on each cell.

The seeder also can sow various sizes of seeds by changing the roller that comes with 6 different sizes.

Naked Seeds for Seeders

Handy Seeders with Wheels

We have larger Handy Seeders with two wheels, too. These seeders sow seeds directly on the ground.

Various sizes of seeds can be used by changing the casette that comes with an extra casette.

Handy Seeder is a multi-crop seeder that can seed both vegetables and crops. Simply by changing the belt, you can utilize the Handy Seeder for both smaller seeds like carrot or lettuce and larger seeds like corn or wheat. The Handy Seeder is loved by small farmers for its versatility to all seeds both vegetable and crops alike.

Handy Seeder is incredibly easy to use. After settling on the belt and seeds, just simply push it forward. The Handy Seeder ditches, drops seeds, covers and presses down the soil instantaneously. You will be able to save a lot of time and seed on larger areas because the Handy Seeder does everything all at once. 

Crouching and planting seeds manually is hard work. The Handy Seeder, completes the whole process with ease and precision, saving you and your spine! 

Vegetable Seeder sows seeds accurately by using double-shutter function. It makes ditches, sows, covers and presses down the soil. By changing the roller to different size of roller, the seeder is able to sow various kinds of seeds.

Paper Pot Transplanters and Seeding Kits

Paper Pot System is a manual transplanter that uses Paper Chain Pot. After the seedlings are grown in the paper pots, the Transplanter will transplant the seedlings in the soil.

With Seeding Kit, seeding will be much easier and quicker. We have a specialy packed item that includes everything you need to start the Paper Pot System.

Please see our Paper Pot System introduction page for more information.

How to use Seeding Kit in Paper Pot System

Features of Manual Seeders

Those manual seeders have a lot of benefits.

  • They don't require a power source.
  • They are very compact and easily repaired.
  • They seed various type and size of seeds.
  • The total amount of cost will be reduced.

These are the reason why we recommend the Manual Seeders to small farmers and home gardeners.