Marumasu Rice Milling Polisher w/ Destoner NXP-55EG

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Rice polishing technology that makes delicious white rice.

This Rice polisher helps improve the quality of rice. It is equipped with destoner.

It is easy to maintain and can be used for clean rice milling.



Equipped with a destoner.

This rice polishing machine equipped with a stone remover.

Remove pebbles and bolts from brown rice and paddy.


Cleaning the rice polishing area is easy and tool-free.

A suction port for taking in fresh outside air to the pumping suction fan during rice milling is provided.

Cleaning is easy because the parts that store the bran can be divided.


Put rice from the bottom and take out from the top.

Since the outlet is high, it can be put directly into a rice bag.

Contains 30 kg of brown rice in its tank.

Perfect rice polishing

Due to the initial adjustment of rice milling, some rice is not completely polished.

The rice can be returned with one-touch operation, and the rice can be completely re-polished.

Delicious rice

You can eat delicious rice without the smell of rice bran.


Model NXP-55EG

Tank capacity (kg)

Brown rice: 30

Paddy: 25

Efficiency (brown rice) (kg/h) 240-270
Built-in main motor (kw) 3.7
Lifting screw conveyor motor (kw) 0.1 (Three-phase 200V)
Destoner motor (kw) 0.1 (Three-phase 200V)
Safety device Overload protection breaker

White rice discharger

Height (mm)


Paddy / Brown rice polishing tank

Height (mm)

Bran removal device

Pumping turbofan

Wide suction turbofan

FF device

Automatic stop device Automatic / Manual switching type
Weight (kg) 207

Dimensions (cm)

Width x Length x Height

102.2 x 59.2 x 150.4

(A)parts is optional tank and a stand.
There are two models.
Please select the model according to the built-in motor and efficiency.
Marumasu Rice Milling Polisher w/ Destoner NXP-33EG
Motor: 2.2kw
Efficiency (brown rice) (kg/h): 160-180

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