Jang Seeder 4 Rows JP-4


Sale price¥200,100 JPY

Notice & Important
To customers who purchase Jang Seeder products,
We don't sell Jang seeder products to all customers who want to purchase from the following countries.
Please purchase from overseas distributors of Jang Automation Headquarters in Korea.
1. Europe, Middle East, Africa: Terradonis (http://www.terradonis.com)
2. USA, Canada : Mechanical Transplanter (http://mechanicaltransplanter.com)
3. Australia, New Zealand: ActiveVista (https://www.activevista.com.au)
Orders from the above countries will be canceled without ordering and purchase processing.



Jang seeder JP series are designed for sowing various sizes of seeds and reducing wastes of seeds and labor costs.

Accurately plant small vegetable seeds such as spinach, carrot, lettuce, onion, spring onion, sesame, radish, Chinese cabbage, etc.

A hopper and a seeding roller can be easily released and attached by a quick release lever. A clutch bearing will prevent seeds from falling when the seeder goes backward.


  • Four-row manual type seeder
  • Four seed hoppers are assembled to JP-3 frame


Model Name JP-4
Type Manual type
Dimension(mm)(L x W x H) 905 x 455 x 445
Weight(kg) 20 approx.
Row distance(cm)
Planting distance(cm) 2 to 51
Depth adjustment(cm) 1 to 3
Number of rows 4
Work efficiency 1050 square meter (10.5 a) / hour


  • It will take 1 to 2 weeks to ship to your address after receiving your order.
  • Seed Rollers are not included. Please order the seed rollers from here.


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