YANMAR Full Automatic Vegetable Seeding Machine SV410A

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7 processes "Continuous supply of trays" → "Filling of nourishing soil" → "Irrigation" → "Consolidation/hole drilling" → "Sowing" → "Soil cover" → "Irrigation" can be performed continuously with one unit, saving so much labor.

Moreover, it has a high efficiency of 410 trays per hour.

For example, about 400 trays of cabbage seedlings can be sown in about 1 hour, and about 1050 trays of onions can be sown in about 2.6 hours for 1 ha farm.


Replaceable roll

By exchanging the sowing roll kit, it corresponds to 128 holes, 200 holes, and 288 holes trays of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries standard.
Since the roll kit is assembled, it is easy to replace.

Automatic continuous supply of trays

A maximum of 20 trays can be set at one time, and can be automatically fed continuously.

Uniform filling of nourishing soil to every corner of the cell

The vibrating device in the nourishing soil filling section vibrates the tray and evenly fills every corner of the cell with nourishing soil.

Easy adjustment while watching the water pressure

A "water pressure gauge" is equipped as standard in the irrigation part of two places of nourishing soil and covering soil. You can adjust the amount of water while watching the water pressure.


Model Type Applicable seeds Applicable tray
SV410A AL128 L size coated seed 30-128 holes
AL200 25-200 holes
AL288 20-288 holes
AL288-T L size coated seed
A2L288 2L size coated seed
ARN No seeding rolls or crushing rollers

For more details about Cell Plug Trays, please check our blog post:
Cell Plug Tray Standard for Vegetable Transplanters


Model SV410A
Type AL128 AL200 AL288 AL288-T A2L288 ARN
Dimensions Length (mm) 6545 (Extension rail: 1420)
Width (mm) 480
Height (mm) 1200
Weight (kg) 193 (without accessories)
Power Power supply (V) Single phase 100
Power consumption (W) 400
Motor output Transfer motor (W) 200
Filling motor (W) 40
Seeding motor (W) 15
Working method Tray supply Hook extrusion
Filling method Flat belt drive
Seeding method Perforated roll type
Sowing roll 1 piece of seed
Suppression roll For 1 piece of seed (projection type)
Soil cover method Grooved roll type
Hopper capacity (L) Filling hopper (L) 92
Seed hopper (L) 6
Soil cover hopper (L) 52
Adaptive tray Genuine Yanmar tray (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries standard tray)
30-128 holes 25-200 holes 20-288 holes
Adaptive undertray Nursery trays for vegetables (under tray for cell molding)
Applicable seeds L size coated seeds 2L size coated seed No seeding rolls or crushing rollers
Pressure roll protrusion shape Base x Tip x Height (mm) 21×3×14 17×3×14 13×4×12 17×3×15.9 -
Water used Tap water
Adaptable soil Yanmar Vegetable Nourishing Soil (Napura Nourishing Soil)
Adaptive cover soil Vermiculite for Yanmar cover soil
Work efficiency (tray/hour) 410

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