Cell Plug Tray Standard for Vegetable Transplanters

The standard of the cell plug trays used for full automatic transplanters were defined as the chart below by MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) and JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives).
All the new full automatic transplanters should comply with the cell plug tray standard.

There are 128 and 200 cells type, and 288 cells type which is complying with the JA standard.

The cells are designed for faster rooting of seedlings by tapering to the bottom of the cells. They are also useful when taking out the seedlings easily and quickly out of the cells.

Be aware that there are old trays which are not complying with the standard and unable to use with newer transplanters due to this.

cell plug trays standard dimension chart

128 and 200 cell plug trays

seedlings grown in cell plug trays


We have YANMAR Cell plug trays which are complying with the standard.

Item Crops Cell diameter x depth
The number of cells per tray
YANMAR 30-128 Cell Plug Tray Cabbage
Chinese cabbage
30 x 45 128
YANMAR 25-200 Cell Plug Tray Lettuce
25 x 45 200
YANMAR 20-288 Cell Plug Tray Onion
Flowering plant
20 x 40 288


You can get this item at a reasonable price compared to genuine manufacturers.

Item Crops Dimensions (mm) The number of cells per tray
Alternative Nursery Tray #4202 Cabbage
Chinese cabbage
L 300 x W 590 x H 44 128
Alternative Nursery Tray #4203 Lettuce
L 300 x W 590 x H 44 200
Alternative Nursery Tray #4204 Onion
Flowering plant
L 300 x W 590 x H 39 288