YANMAR Onion Harvester HT20A-MSET2A


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YANMAR Onion Harvester HT20A is an onion harvester for 2 rows.

The Onion Harvester HT20A digs, conveys, cuts off leaves and unloads onions after aligning.

This Onion Harvester HT20A-MSET2A is a model used for ridges covered with plastic mulch.


The Onion Harvester HT20A harvests onions in 2 rows and aligns onions in a line.

A divider with belt separates onion leaves from the ground. The divider can be adjusted up/down by a lever at the handle.

Note) This is a photo of HT20A-A.

The cutting height is adjustable from 4 to 20cm with non-step. The onions will be stored in different conditions after harvesting. 

The tread is easily adjusted according to ridge shape.

The Onion Harvester HT20A digs the soil by blades and harvests onions from the soil by two sponge belts without damaging.


Row distance: 200mm

Row distance: 240mm


  • The values in [ ] are of Low Ridge model.
  • The values in ( ) are of Wide Tread model (W).
  • The dimensions with red stars are recommended to be 150mm for harvest.


We have a variety of option equipment designed for Onion Harvester HT20A series. Please ask us for more information.


Model name Onion Harvester
Model number HT20A-E½mLE½nA HT20A-E½mLE½nMSET2A HT20A-WA
Type Bare ground Mulch Wide tread
Dimension LengthE½immE½j 2025 1940 2025
WidthE½immE½j 1250E½iat operationE½F1450E½j 1480E½iat operationE½F1680E½j
HeightE½immE½j 1175E½m1130E½n 1220E½m1175E½n 1175
WeightE½ikgE½j 259E½m263E½n 280E½m284E½n 293
Engine Engine model GB131LN
Engine type Air-cooling 4 cycle inclined OHV gasoline engine
Total engine displacementE½iLE½occE½pE½j 0.126E½o126E½p
Output / Rotational speedE½ikWE½oPSE½p/rpmE½j 2.3E½o3.1E½p/1800E½iMaximumE½F3.0E½o4.2E½pE½j
Fuel tank capacityE½iLE½j 2.5
Driving Wheel diameter x widthE½immE½j 650ÁE0 550ÁE0 650ÁE42
Gauge diameter x widthE½immE½j 365ÁE6 410ÁE11
Tread adjustment method Power tread
TreadE½immE½j 1150 to 1350E½m1080 to 1280E½n 1285 to 1485
The number of shift steps Forward 3, backward 1
Speed <at standard output rpm> ForwardE½im/sE½j F1: 0.21E½m0.18E½n, F2: 0.32E½m0.27E½n, F3: 0.76E½m0.65E½n
BackwardE½im/sE½j 0.27E½m0.23E½n
Digging The number of digging rows 2
Row distanceE½immE½j 200 to 240
Cutting leaves length adjustmentE½immE½j 40 to 200 80 / 100E½i2 stepsE½j 40 to 200
Ridge heightE½immE½j 150 to 300E½m50 to 150E½n 150 to 300
Crops Onion
Operating efficiencyE½ihour/10aE½j 2.0 to 4.0
Safety inspection 21202/10 - 21202/10

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