YANMAR Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA

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YANMAR Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA is a 4 rows transplanter for garlic.

The Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA is riding type transplanter. PH4R-GHA is 3 to 4 times more efficient than manual planting.


The Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA transplants garlic just by pushing garlic to supplying hole. The Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA is operated easily from seats.

The Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA has two automatic modes: automatic direction and automatic planting depth. It allows operators to focus on supplying garlic.

1. A planting depth sensor follows ridge surface automatically. 2. A driving sensor follows ridge automatically.

The Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA has control levers at one side of the driver's seat. It allows operators to control the Transplanter easily even with one hand.

The Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA has an emergency stop switch to stop operation quickly.


The YANMAR Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA transplants garlic just by pushing garlic to supplying hole in front of the seats. No more bending over to plant by hand. The view from the seat is wide open. It is so convenient to transplant garlic with this Garlic Transplanter.

This Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA has large diameter supplying holes. The Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA aligns the direction of garlic. The garlic planted by the Transplanter will grow the leaves to the same direction.

The Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA cuts plastic mulch. After that, the Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA transplants garlic in the center of the hole at the planting depth.

The Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA transplants 4 rows by 2 operators, 2 rows each.

The Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA continues planting by automatically dropping garlic from an auxiliary supplying box. The Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA has a table to hold containers.



We have a variety of option equipment designed for the Garlic Transplanter PH4R-GHA. Please ask us for more information.


Model name Garlic Transplanter
Model number PH4R
Type GHA
Dimension Length (mm) 2340
Width (mm) 1660
Height (mm) 1380
Weight (kg) 540
Engine Engine model GB131
Engine type Air-cooling 4 cycle gasoline
Total engine displacement (L (cc) ) 0.126 (126)
Output / Rotational speed (kW (PS) /rpm) 2.3 (3.1) /1800
Maximum output (kW (PS) ) 3.0 (4.2)
Fuel Automobile lead-free gasoline
Fuel tank capacity (L) 2.5
Starting method Self-starter
Driving Driving system Full crawler
Crawler Width x length of ground contact (mm) 110ÁE045
Tread (mm) 1450
Average ground contact pressure (kPa (kgf/cm²) ) 23.1 (0.236)
Minimum height from the ground (mm) 283
Shifting method Gear transmission
The number of shift steps Forward 2, backward 1
Speed (m/s)
<at 1950 rpm>
Forward 1st gear: 0.08
2nd gear: 0.40
Backward 0.18
Planting Planting method Planting and cutting plastic mulch synchronized
Up/down adjustment method Electric cylinder type (auto and manual)
The number of planting rows 4
Planting row distance (cm) 25
Planting distance (cm) 16 (15 , 17 part replacement)
Planting depth (cm) 7 (9 adjustable)
Plastic mulch Plastic mulch (film) without hole
The amount of supplied garlic Supplying box (kg) About 9.5
Auxiliary supplying box (kg) About 19 x 2
Vegetable Garlic
Operating efficiency (calculated value) (minutes/10a) 180 - 240
The number of operating person 2 (*1)
Automatic devices Direction auto
Planting depth auto
Safety inspection number 34091

*1: Two persons when the automatic devices are being used.

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