YANMAR Garlic Harvester HZ1

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A garlic harvester that handles everything from digging to transportation in one process.

Approximately 80% labor saving in conventional work frees you from heavy labor.

It is packed with features that allow you to harvest clean, gentle, high-quality garlic, such as a manual UFO that allows you to work without damaging undigged garlic.

7 roles in 1 unit

Digging ↁETransport ↁESoil drop ↁERoot cutting ↁELeaf cutting ↁEContainer storage ↁETransport



Do not hurt undigged garlic

Tilt correction device (manual UFO)

Even when the crawler is depressed in the ridge groove, the right side can be raised up to 80 mm with the manual UFO device, so the left and right tilt of the subsoiler is reduced. Therefore, it does not damage the undigged garlic next to it.

Highly durable transport belt

Conveyance belt without sponge

The transport belt has been made highly durable by eliminating the sponge.

High quality harvest

It removes mud and automatically cuts foliage and roots.

‡@E½@Gently dig up with a vibrating subsoiler.

‡AE½@Prepare with a soil removal rotor and brush.

‡BE½@Keep the root cutting length the same.

‡CE½@Cut the foliage.


‡@ Main shift lever (HST continuously variable transmission)

With one lever operation, you can select the speed that suits your working conditions from very low speed to high speed.

‡A Almighty steering & ‡B Fit steering

Almighty steering that can correct the left and right direction of the aircraft and move the excavation part up and down with one lever.

Fit steering that allows you to easily perform delicate alignment with your fingertips.

Harvesting work can be done more easily.

‡C Electric gauge foil

The digging depth can be easily adjusted with the lever on the driver's seat according to the unevenness of the ground.

‡D Excavation depth gauge

Since you can see the approximate depth of the subsoiler into the soil from the driver's seat, it is convenient when adjusting the subsoiler with almighty steering according to the length of the garlic.


Remove the mulch film before starting work.


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