Yanmar Edamame Harvesting Machine HE10A

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YANMAR Edamame bean harvester Made in Japan
It is an edamame beans harvester.
With this one unit, you can pull out, drop down, transport and converge.
It's about 5 times more efficient than manual work!

Differently cultivation styles, 1ridge 1row planted and 1ridge 2row planted can be adapted without reassignment.
Equipped with a power tread that the tread can expand and contract just by moving forward and back while holding the lever. Because it grasps the shareholder with the belt and pulls out the root together, the roots do not remain in the field, avoiding the occurrence of continuous failure.



  • Adopts a new mechanism "Pendulum soil removal device"
    Remove the soil attached to the root of Edamame from both sides and remove it cleanly. In addition, less dirt and clogging of roots and weeds in the soil removal unit can reduce the maintenance time.

  • Power Tread
    We cope without different regrouping in different cultivation styles such as a number of different plantings of 1 row 1 planting, 1 row 2 Article planting (reciprocal 2 articles) and mulch cultivation and open field cultivation. The power tread is equipped as standard so that the tread can expand and contract simply by moving forward and backward while holding the lever.


Movie. https://youtu.be/KbUuMUkdgpw

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