YANMAR Crawler Type Load Carrying and Dump Truck 1200kg 9.5PS CD194SD

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It is a multi-purpose truck for professionals that can speedily transport heavy loads such as crops, containers, heavy loads, soil, sand and compost.

Work efficiency is largely improved by loading 1200kg.


Main gear lever

By changing the shape of the shift guide from I-type to H-type, the direction of driving has become clearer, making work easier.

Forward/backward 4-speed transmission

The driver's seat and the control lever can be set in the opposite direction, allowing reverse operation without turning back.

It is especially effective on narrow roads and swamps where turning is difficult.

Pedestrian driving is also possible.

Safety improvement mechanism

Comes with a walking-only clutch that stops when you release your hand.

Crawler tread & ground length

The fuselage balance is improved by changing the tread and ground contact length. You can work more stably.

Equalizer wheel

An equalizer that reduces shock is used to ensure a comfortable ride over bumps and on rough terrain.

Wide size cargo bed

Changed the side plate fixation to snap lock fixation. Easy to open and close the side plate.

Wide size with a cargo bed length of 1855 mm.


Dimensions Length (mm) 3000
Width (mm) 1160
Height (mm) 1460
Weight (kg) 855
Engine Model name TF90V-E2
Type Horizontal water-cooled 4-cycle diesel engine
Total displacement (L {cc}) 0.493 {493}
Output/rotational speed (kW {PS}/rpm) 6.3 {8.6}/2600
Maximum output (kW {PS}) 7.0 {9.5}
Fuel used Diesel light oil
Fuel tank capacity (L) 10.5
Starting method Cell starter type
Platform Loading platform size Length (mm) 1855
Width (mm) 1040
Side hatch height (mm) 250
Cargo floor ground clearance (mm) 560
Platform structure Hydraulic dump
Dump angle (degrees) 46
Maximum working capacity (kg) 1200
Driving Crawler width (mm) 250
Crawler outer width (mm) 1140
Ground length (mm) 1360
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 170
Gear shift system gear selection
Number of gears (steps) 4 forward, 4 backward
(at rated engine speed)
Forward (km/h) 1.4 to 7.0
Reverse (km/h) 1.3 to 7.1
Main clutch type Belt tension
Brake type Internal expansion
Steering method Wet disc brake

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