YANMAR Center Mount Type Tiller/Tractor/Weeder 20PS for Red Bean Soybean Azuki Potato MD20

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You can drive while watching work in progress because it is a center mount type 3-wheel vehicle that sets an attachment in the center of the machine.

Greatly useful in various situations such as in soybeans and vegetables farms.

The various attachments are available that are designed for professional farm work expand the range of work.


It is possible to work while facing forward. Since there is no need to look back and check the work status, straightness is good and fatigue is reduced.

In addition, fine adjustments can be made while checking the work status, improving work accuracy.

Moreover, you can increase the work speed with confidence and improve the work efficiency.

MD20 is a lightweight design of 629 kg. Even with three wheels, the treading pressure is low, and the tires pass through the same groove only once, so you do not tread on the field.

The height above the ground is as high as about 70 cm, and there is sufficient clearance between the main unit and the crop, so damage to the crop can be reduced during farm work. In addition, the workable period will be expanded. (Example: In the case of soybeans, work is possible until around the time of flowering)

The tread can be adjusted in 6 stages according to the crop planting conditions.
In addition, a rear axle slide method is used to adjust the tread. You can work without breaking the ridges in the chain case.


3-Row Tilling Rotary RM301MD, CRTH (for soybeans and vegetables)

Perforated Clean Seeder TDR-U, RTSA

5-Row Weeding Cultivator S3 MD(U)

Soybean pinching machine EVDA-2400Y

Potato Stems and Leaves Cutting Attachment PLC20MD,FRMA

Bean Cutter YHB20,MOA


Model Number MD20
Drive system 3-wheel drive
Dimensions Length (mm) 3140
Width (mm) 1830 (tread 1500)
Height (mm) 2370
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 680
Weight (kg) 629
Engine Type Air-cooled 4-cycle gasoline engine
Total displacement (L {cc})  0.688 {688}
Max output / rotation speed
(kW {PS} / rpm)
14.6 {20.0} / 3150
Fuel tank capacity (L)  20
Starting method Cell starter type
Driving part Wheel Front wheel 4.00-18
Rear wheel 4.40-21
Wheelbase (mm) 2120
Tread (mm) 1200, 1260, 1320, 1380, 1440, 1500
Tread adjustment method Rear axle slide method
Brake type Dry drum
Steering method Power steering
Shift method Variable speed
Driving speed Forward (km/h) 0 to 10.2
Reverse (km/h) 0 to 5.3
Minimum turning radius (m) 2.4
PTO Clutch type Belt tension
Shaft diameter (shaft type) (mm) JIS35 (hexagonal spline)
lifting device
Control method Positioning
Mounting method Parallel link
Model name Z0023
Safety inspection pass number NARO 20/104

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