YANMAR Bed Shaping Rotary & Mulch Layer BM130CXLM/BM160CXLM

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Type: BM130CXLM
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Rotary and Mulch Layer Implements for tractors 18 to 34 PS.

Perfect for creating high raised bed up to 430 mm that are effective against drainage!

Equipped with a "sensor claw" that allows you to see at a glance the wear condition and replacement time of the claw!


Making beautiful high ridges!

The amount of soil can be adjusted using a shaping machine angle change function, which can be done with a special bolt. In addition, the tail wheel can be easily adjusted with a handle and equipped with a tail wheel release mechanism, so ridge shaping can be done quickly and neatly at the start of work or on headlands.

Since it can create ridges as high as 200 to 430 mm, it can be used for a variety of crops and is effective as a drainage measure to protect crops from torrential downpours.

Adapted crops: Broccoli, Cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Onion, Lettuce, Garlic, Edamame, Carrot

Ease of maintenance with sensor claws!

The use of sensor claws allows you to see at a glance the state of wear and replacement time, and maintenance is easy.

Easy to replace plastic mulch

Plastic film replacement, which used to take time, can now be done simply by removing the stopper.

Clean and easy mulching!

Newly adopted special sponge improves durability and enables clean mulching. Also, since it is attached to the shaping machine, there is no need to readjust the mulching section when changing the ridge width.


Yanmar Bed Meister
Model name BM130CXLM BM160CXLM
Drive system Center drive
Dimensions Length (mm) 1610
Width (mm) 1360 to 2100 1660 to 2400
Height (mm) 1140
Weight (kg) 282 285
Bed shape Bed height (mm) 200 to 430
Bed bottom width (mm) 900 to 1300 1200 to 1600
Claw type Claw + Wing
Shaping parts material Stainless
Adaptive Tractor Horsepower (PS) 18 to 34

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