YANMAR Bed Making Rotary Tiller w/ Mulch Laying Attachment

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This is a great-value model that includes a Yanmar bed making tiller and mulch laying attachment.

It can be used for a wide range of crops such as spinach, green soybeans, sweet corn, broccoli, radish, cabbage, okra, and green pepper.


  • Easy to handle with a well-balanced aircraft.
  • Popular model not only for men but also for women.
  • You can make tight and clean ridges and also do mulching.
  • It corresponds to professional vegetable making.

Comes with various attachments that expand the range of specifications.

Included attachments

Bed making attachment / Mulch laying attachment / Front weight bracket & weight

Bed shape

The mulch sheet width will be 700-1200 mm.

It can be transformed into one or two wheels according to the work.

No attachment is required for rearrangement, just replace the left and right tires.

Small turn with one wheel

One wheel is useful on slopes and between narrow ridges.

It stands straight even on sloping terrain and offers excellent maneuverability.

Safe work with two wheels

Two wheels can be used for stable work such as ridges, hilling, and digging.

Even if there is residual tillage, stable running is possible and the traction force is improved.

Sliding rotary cover

Depending on the work, the rotary cover can be slid back and forth with one touch.

Rotary cover front slide

When digging a ditch (rotary reversal), slide it forward to prevent the soil from jumping forward.

Rotary cover rear slide (horizontal)

When cultivating or lifting soil, adjust the rotary cover so that it is horizontal to remove the soil cleanly.

Full turn handle

The handle can be rotated 225 ° with one touch of the lever according to the work.

Comes with attachments that allows you to perform various tasks.

 Plow between the ridges

 Tilt the soil


 Ridge and mulch


Model YK650SK-D,S-SKRK
Dimension Length x Width x Height 1520 x 615 x 1050
Weight (kg) 76
Engine Model GB181LN
Type Air-cooling 4 cycle gasoline engine (OHV)
Displacement (L{cc}) 0.181(181)
Max. Output (kW{PS}) 4.6(6.3)
Rated output / rotation speed (kW {PS} / rpm) 3.0{4.1} / 1600
Fuel tank(L) 2.3
Starting method Recoil starter (i start)
Driving Wheel Rubber lug Wheel outer diameter ρE30 mm (for both one and two wheels)
Main clutch Belt tension (finger clutch)
Handle position Forward postion
The number of shifts F4E½ER2
Running speed (m/s{km/h})

F1: 0.39{1.40}

F2: 0.49{1.76}

F3: 0.97{3.49}

F4: 1.21{4.36}

R1: 0.39{1.40}

R2: 0.49{1.76}

Rotary Claw

Rubber lug Wheel outer diameter ρE30 mm(for both one and two wheels)

The number of shifts Belt tension (finger clutch)
Handle position forward
The number of shifts F2E½ER2
Speed (rpm) 224E½E492
Tilling width (mm)


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