YANMAR 4-Rows Onion Transplanter PH40RA

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Type: PH40RA-T (2 persons)
Sale price¥1,990,000 JPY



YANMAR Onion Transplanter PH40RA series are riding type 4 rows onion transplanters.

Two types are available.

  • PH40RA-T is a 2 seats model planting 7000 pieces per hour.
  • PH40RA-T1 is a 1 seat model planting 3600 pieces per hour.



The YANMAR Onion Transplanter PH40RA is a high efficient transplanter that plants 4 rows.

Just put the seedlings in the rotary pots while riding. Since you can work while sitting on a chair, you can concentrate on supplying seedlings and work easily.

You can work while checking the planted seedlings because you are working backwards.

The operation functions necessary for planting are concentrated on the operation seat side.

Continuous operation for smooth seedling supply

Since the rotary pots rotate at a constant speed, seedlings can be supplied with ample time.

Sprinkle water equipment for rust prevention

Irrigating at the same time as planting saves labor and promotes the growth of seedlings after transplanting.

A resin material that suppresses the occurrence of rust is used for the irrigation device for easy maintenance.

Side-opening planting parts & row-spacing adjustment mechanism

The planting parts open horizontally and are well adapted to long seedlings.

The tip of each perforator can be shifted left and right by 2 cm, and the width between rows can be adjusted according to the planting plan.

Planting distance change lever

You can easily change the spacing between plants with a single lever.

The plant spacing can be selected from 100 to 200 mm, so it can be used for various crops.

Tread adjustment

The tread can be adjusted according to the ridge shape. If the tread is minimized and the handle is retracted, it can be loaded on a small truck.

Unit lowering stopper

It comes with a stopper that prevents the unit from descending.

You can rest assured when taking a break in the field or during maintenance.



Model PH40RA
Type T T1
(two-seater) (single-seater)
Dimensions Length (mm) 2250
Width (mm) 1350 1500
Height (mm) 1250 1330
Weight (kg) 300 285
Engine Model name GB101LN-320
Type Air-cooled 4-cycle single-cylinder gasoline engine
Total displacement (L {cc}) 0.098 {98}
Rated output/rotational speed (kW {PS}/rpm) 1.62 {2.2}/1800
Maximum output (kW {PS}) 2.2 {3.0}
Fuel used Unleaded gasoline for automobiles
Fuel tank capacity (L) 2
Starting method Recoil starter type
Driving part Wheel Front wheel (mm) Pneumatic tire 370
Rear wheel (mm) Puncture-free wide tire 620
Tread (mm) 1250 to 1570
Number of gears (steps) Forward 4, Reverse 1
Body lift control system Hydraulic automatic follow-up
Body horizontal control system Hydraulic automatic follow-up type / manual adjustment type (combined use)
Tilt angle (degree) Left and right 5
Planting part Number of planted rows (rows) 4
Planting distance (mm) 240, 250, 240 (adjustable type)
Planting distance (mm) 100・110・120・130・140・150・170・180・200
Applicable ridge height (mm) 100-250 100-300
Planting method Horizontal opening
Equipment Ridge end caution lamp - Yes
Ridge end detection sensor - Yes
Emergency stop switch Yes Yes
Automatic engine stop - Yes
Stop pedal - Yes
Unit lowering stopper Yes Yes
Parking stand Available (front/rear) Yes (rear)
Seat Yes (2 persons work) Available (1 person work)
Watering device Yes (Tank sold separately) Yes (Tank sold separately)
Number of workers (person) 2 1
Work efficiency (planting/hour) 7000 3600
Number of seedlings trays loaded 2 trays
Adapted crop Onion
Adaptive seedling Conventional seedlings, potted seedlings, cell type seedlings

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