YAMAHO Scale Insects Control for Tea Garden STR3000 172013 G3/8

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For controlling scale insects in tea gardens.


The mist of snow is sprayed in a fan shape at a wide angle of about 180 °.

Unevenness is reduced by two-layer spraying.

The tip nozzle can adjust the spray direction.

By making the nozzle direction upward, 360 ° spraying is possible, and the adhesion rate to the back of the leaves has been greatly improved. The amount of chemical used can be reduced.

It is a structure that sprays while moving about 8cm in the tea garden leaf layer.

This is a single-row type for cutting the tea garden leaf layer with R3000 and tea garden width of 1600mm.


Average Drop Size (μm) 100 (0.7MPa)
Pressure Range (MPa) 0.7 to 1.0

Code No. 17 20 13
Product Name Scale Insects Control for Tea Garden STR3000

22.6 L/min (0.7MPa)

27.0 L/min (1.0MPa) 

Coverage approx. 151cm 
Nozzle pitch approx. 323cm
Length/Weight 150cm / 3630g
Adapter G3 / 8 (ρE0 or ρE1.5)

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