Weed Scraping Hoe - Long Aluminum Handle

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25% lighter than the wood handle.

Even if it gets wet with rain or water, it is less likely to bend or corrode.

The handle will not bend even if left outdoors.

Quickly cuts weeds without removing the soil! Essential tool for weeding work!

Adopts a thin blade that cut into the soil well and does not easily stuck in the soil.

It can be used both upper blade (saw type edge) and lower blade (flat blade) with different cutting edges that can perform two tasks with one blade.

The long handle, which allows you to work without bending your back. The wood handle is made of Japanese which does not slip even when you sweat.


Blade type Standard Slim Large Edge Corner
Length (mm) 1480 1470 1515
Blade width (mm) 170 105 220 120
Weight (g) 500 460
600 480

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