Variable Solar Mole Repellent Stakes

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Solar Mole Repellent is powered by solar energy.

It can change the frequency of the sound wave and the timing of the sound automatically.

It prevents the mole from getting used to one frequency and the effect lasts.

Just dig a hole and insert nail into the ground. It emits vibrations and sounds, which will effectively repel moles your garden, lawn and yard.

Instead of injuring or killing rodents, there is no biological contamination, so it also is very safe for humans and pets, and does not contain any dangerous chemicals or potentially harmful toxins. Moderate volume will not cause noise pollution, use solar energy and green.



  • Solar mole repellent
  • Automatic frequency change
  • Economical item with no electricity costs.
  • Made of aluminum, it is a long seller product that lasts without rust.


Model Number 6332
Dimension φ120 mm x 400 mm
Weight 320 g
Material ABS etc.
Input voltage 5.5 V
Power consumption

Short circuit current: 90 mA

Operating current: 5 mA to 13 mA

Rechargeable battery Nickel-metal hydride battery (1.2 V / 700 mAh, AA size) x 3

400 Hz (fixed)

200 Hz to 900 Hz (variable)


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