Tometatsu Plant Trellis Taping Machine LIGHT TMA100LT

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  • It is a trellis tying tool that uses a special adhesive tape.
  • While maintaining the functions of the original model, the total length has been shortened by about 3 cm, the weight of the main body has been reduced by about 30 g and it weighs 320 g now. The balance of the center of gravity has been improved, and it is light and easy to hold.
  • The cover for the tape storage part and the drawer part are integrated, making tape replacement work smooth.
  • The binding diameter can be used up to 33 mm.


  • Trellising for the new shoots of grapes.
  • Trellising for cucumber vines.
  • Trellising for tomato vines.


Product TMA100LT
Body Material Special ABS resin
Size L 278 x H 153 x W 41mm
Weight 320g

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