Tobacco Multipurpose Harvester AP-1CB

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All-purpose Tobacco Harvester.

By using various types of optional attachments, it works everything from transplanting, pest control, harvesting, to carrying out.


  • Harvesting is done while sitting, so your body won't get tired.
  • A large amount of harvested leaves can be placed on it and carried out.
  • Storage frames and shelves can be easily attached and detached.
  • A wide range of speeds (0.16 km/h to 3 km/h) can be selected, so you can adjust the speed to suit a variety of tasks.
  • Various types of attachments are available. Attachments are easily attached and detached.



  • Since there are several nursery tray racks, a large number of seedlings can be transplanted at once.
  • The work is very easy because two people can sit on it.
  • With a wide range of speeds, even if you are unfamiliar with the work, you can choose the speed that best suits your work.
  • Rubber crawlers are used, so there is almost no slippage and planting intervals are constant.

Auto driving

  • The automatic driving device makes the machine drive along the soil bed, so you can concentrate on transplanting, harvesting and other tasks without being distracted by what's ahead.
  • This machine is equipped with safety devices such as an automatic stop, so you can concentrate on your work with peace of mind.


  • Since the driving speed is constant, there is no waste of chemicals because the spraying is even.
  • You can easily fold the spray pipe and operate the spray cock by hand.
  • The power sprayer, nozzle, tank, etc. can be easily attached and detached.
  • By setting the windshield, it prevents chemicals from splashing to the human body.


Dimensions Length 2200 mm
Width 1530 mm
Height 2330 mm
Clearance 2100 mm
Weight 470 kg
Crawlers Center distance 1170 mm
Width 180 mm
Ground height 900 mm
Outside width 1350 mm
Inside width 990 mm
Engine Rated output 4.5ps/1800rpm
Max output 6.0ps/2000rpm
Starting method Cell method (Recoil)
Fuel capacity 4 L
Oil capacity 0.7 L
Side clutch Claw lock method
Clutch Belt tension method
Parking brake Internal expansion brake
Shift gears Forward 6
Backward 2
Speed (km/h) Forward L-1 0.16 to 0.36
L-2 0.32 to 0.71
L-3 0.51 to 1.14
H-1 0.43 to 0.96
H-2 0.84 to 1.89
H-3 1.36 to 3.00
Backward L-R 0.16 to 0.35
H-R 0.41 to 0.92
Applicable bed distance Over 115 cm

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