Takemura pH Tester Thermometer 1.00-14.00 Elite-PH

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This meter will give you accurate readings of the pH in your soil.

An excellent gardening accessory for those gardeners that tend to over water and those that want to keep a close eye on their pH level.


Display pH and temperature simultaneously.


The pH standard solution is automatically recognized and can be easily calibrated with one push button operation.


The leakproof sensor cap is self-supporting and can be measured stably.


Display the stability mark. It informs you of the timing of reading and calibration of measured values.


  • Display pH and temperature simultaneously.
  • Leak-proof sensor cap is self-supporting design
  • Easy-to-see large screen display
  • One push button calibration
  • Sensor can be replaced.
  • Standard solution for calibration pH 4.01 / 7.00 100 ml each 1, Soft carry case, AAA battery ÁE4 come with.
  • Made in Japan


Model Name Elite-PH
pH Range 1.00-14.00 pH
Resolution 0.01 pH
Accuracy ± 0.01 pH ± 1LSD
Calibration 3 points
Standard solution

USA 4.01 / 7.00 / 10.01

NIST 4.01 / 6.86 / 9.18

Calibration display

± 1.00 pH

Calibration type

Each calibration point

Dimension  44 x 37 x 190 mm
Weight  185 g (including battery)


Temperature Range 0-60.0 degrees Celsius / 32.0-140.0 °F
Resolution 0.1 degrees Celsius / 0.1 °F

0-50 degrees Celsius: ± 0.5 degrees Celsius + 1LSD

50-60 degrees Celsius: ± 1.0 degrees Celsius+ 1LSD

Temperature compensation Automatic (ATC)
Calibration display

± 5.0 degrees Celsius / ± 9.0 °F



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