Takemura Fertilizer concentration meter 0.1-10 mS / cm Simple EC meter CM-20

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The conductivity of the water-soil mixture can be used to determine the concentration of fertilizer.

Water and soil are mixed in the attached measurement container, and the amount is injected into the electrode with a syringe and measured.

Fertilizers are important for cultivating crops, but if you apply too much fertilizer, they will become too fertile, crops will stop growing, and in severe cases they will die.

It is very difficult to improve the soil once it has suffered from over-fertilization.

Therefore, it is most effective to prevent obstacles in advance using this EC meter.

It is an instrument that senses the amount of fertilizer contained in the soil solution. The unit described in this instrument can also measure general solutions in mS.


  • Fertilizer concentration meter (Simple EC meter)
  • Measuring container, syringe and thermometer comes with.
  • Made in Japan


Model Name CM-20
Range 0.1-10.0 mS
Power 006P (9V) x 1

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