Takakita Self-propelled Round Baler for Hay, Rice and Wheat Straw

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Self-Propelled Passenger Type Round Baler for collecting and baling hay and rice/wheat straw.

It is a passenger type bailing machine which can make round bale continuously and it discharges bales from the backside of the unit.

The bale are compactly tied and packed to a diameter of 50 cm and a width of 73 cm.



  • Easy to operate on soft ground thanks to its wide pickup, HST (variable speed), and crawler with a long contact length.
  • It is equipped with a cutting apparatus.
  • The baling pressure can be adjusted by a lever operation to satisfy various needs.
  • Two types binding with twine or net are available.

Wide pick

Wide pick specification with a working width of 102 cm.

Equipped with a cut straw attachment as standard, and collects cut straws easily.

Cutting device

Making bales with high pressure but it is easy to loosen when it is fed.

Operation board

The travel control lever, work clutch, etc. are laid out around the driver's seat, making it easy to operate.


Model SR-613DT SR-613DN
L x W x H (mm)
1920 x 1530 x 1350
Weight (kg) 680 670
Engine Diesel engine
Max Output (kW{PS}) 4.8{6.5}
Pickup width (cm) 102
Bale size
Diameter x width (cm)
50 x 73
Bale weight (kg) 14 to 20
Binding material Twine
(sisal, PP)
(width 73cm)
Work speed (km/h) 1.0 to 3.5
(variable speed)
Efficiency (min/10a) 30 to 40 23 to 30

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