Soybean Coarse Sorter Large Type with Elevator HDW-7SH22

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Efficiently removes objects other than soybeans such as dust, stems, pods and branches before drying soybeans.

This product was developed in response to many requests from customers using the conventional soybean coarse sorter, who wanted a high-performance coarse sorter.

If objects enters the soybean drying process, the sorter's sorting performance will be reduced, the dryer will be clogged, and the cleaner will be damaged.

Currently, the soybean sorters are used in various fields, such as individuals, facilities, and soybean centers in Japan.


  • Uses two rotating sieves with two differentiate diameter hole and a blower ventilation mechanism to remove stems and pods efficiently.
  • Secondary sorting by inclined conveyor.
  • Both the main unit and the 7-inch elevator are equipped with casters, making it easy to store after work is completed.
  • Both soybeans before drying and soybeans after drying can be roughly sorted.
  • The sorting conveyor can discharge in 3 directions.


  1. Move the main body to the loading position.
  2. Soybeans are fed from the inlet hopper.
  3. The coarsely selected soybeans enter the elevator, and foreign objects such as stems, pods, and branches are sent by a belt conveyor.
  4. Please adjust with the speed controller.
  5. The input amount is adjusted with the hopper shutter.
  6. The elevator can be attached on the left and right, so it can be adjusted to your working environment.


Model HDW-7SH22 (with elevator)
Dimension (Length) 1520 x (Width) 750 x (Height) 1135 to 1230mm
Loading height 1135 to 1230 mm
Loading hopper dimensions 600 x 750 mm
Processing efficiency 4000 to 6000 kg/hour
Motor Three-phase 200V 40W (sorting net) x 2
60W (belt conveyor)
40W (blower) x 2
Screen (mesh) φ9 x φ11 (standard) x 2 pcs *The screen net can be changed according to the grain size.
Elevator The overall length of the elevator can be manufactured to any length. The exit can also be set to switch between two directions.
Dimension (Height) 2240mm (Ejection height) 1360mm
Processing efficiency 7000 kg/hour
Motor Three-phase 200V 750W 1/5 geared
Bucket 7 inches

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