SHINWA 72795 Soil pH and Moisture Meter Long Electrode Type

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  • We can confirm appropriate moisture at the time of soil acidity (pH) measurement by measurement condition check.
  • Because the part to be inserted into the soil is long and thick, it is possible to measure deep.
  • Batteries are not required and measurements can be taken simply by inserting the sensor into the soil.
  • The meter is positioned at the top for easy reading when it is inserted vertically into the soil.


  • Precision ±pH0.5
  • Measurement range pH3 to 7
  • Minimum display pH0.2
  • Operating temperature 0 to 40℃
  • Storage temperature -20 to 70℃
  • Materials:
    Body: ABS resin
    Meter cover: ABS resin
    Meter: Aluminum
    Electrodes: Titanium zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, rubber
  • Size 395 x 55 x 55mm
  • Weight 97g
  • Included Sandpaper (#1000)

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