SATAKE Rice Polisher CBS2200B Three-phase 200V 2.27

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It is a rice milling machine that is particular about ease of use and clean rice milling.

The rice will be glossy.If you mill it twice, you can cook rice just by washing it lightly.


Easy maintenance

By removing the operation panel on the front, you can easily inspect and clean the sperm part.

Equipped with safety function

It also has a safety function that automatically stops when overloaded.

Easy to move

It is easy to move with its casters.

Closed circuit method

The rice temperature rise is suppressed by the blowing and suction method using a powerful fan.

The bran is removed and the rice is finished beautifully.

The yellow arrow is the flow of bran, and the black arrow is the flow of wind. The bran collects in the bran bag.

Easy operation

The dial that adjusts the whiteness of rice and the operation buttons are designed to be large.

Easy and reliable operation. It will stop automatically when the rice runs out.

Clean structure

Collect the bran in the bran bag next to the main body. The bran does not spurt out of the machine.

The sealed structure prevents the invasion of mice.

Can also be used with paddy rice

Depending on the condition of the paddy, it may be necessary to polish the rice twice, but a machine that can mill rice from the paddy at once is very convenient.


Model Name CBS2200B
Dimension *See dimensional drawing below
Weight (kg) 89
Efficiency (kg / h)

Brown rice: 160-180

Paddy rice: 100-120

Hopper Capacity (kg)

Brown rice: 30

Paddy rice: 20

Power Three-phase 200V 2.27
Safety device

Automatic stop when overloaded / Automatic stop for no-load operation

(Microcomputer control)

See another model:

SATAKE Rice Polisher CBS1500B Three-phase 200V 1.37

Efficiency (kg / h): Brown rice: 100-120 / Paddy rice: 60-80



Dimensions 118x 74x 74 CM
G/W 130 KG

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