SATAKE Rice Milling Machine with Destoner and Polisher BWM5C

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This Rice Milling Machine can output "Whitened rice" with less bran just by changing the setting with the dial, as well as ordinary white rice. "Whitened rice" can be cooked with just one light wash with water.

This is an integrated type with a built-in a stone remover. Not only stones but also small rice can be sorted. The selected stones can be easily discharged with a single lever.

The combination of a suction cyclone and an exhaust filter prevents the bran from blowing out of the machine.


What is "Whitened rice"?

Surface bran will be removed cleanly by a unique rice milling process. This Rice Milling Machine has a rice-friendly rice milling method that uses less crushed rice and polishes rice into beautiful white rice while leaving a delicious layer.

Few brans left

One grain of rice was magnified with an electron microscope, and the size and amount of bran particles remaining on the surface were compared (according to our research). As a result, "Whitened rice" has fewer bran particles.

Less turbidity

We compared the turbidity of water when the rice was lightly washed once and then rehydrated (according to our research). You can see that whitening rice is less turbid than ordinary white rice.


Model BWM5C
Processing capacity (kg/h) 210
Input grain Brown rice (limited to short grain species)
Hopper capacity (kg) Tension hopper 35
Rice milling tank 25
Power supply (V) Three phase 200
Required power (kW) Rice milling machine 3.7
Elevator 0.1
Stone remover 0.1
Suction fan 0.15
Rotary valve 0.03
Weight (kg) 308
Safety device
  • Automatic stop device when overloaded
  • Empty rice non-automatic stop device

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