SATAKE MILLTOP Rice Pearler with Husker SB10D

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  • One machine  Eone-pass system performs the husking, separation of husks and brown rice, whitening and bran removal
  • Beautifully polished rice with high milling yield
  • Sturdy and simple construction
  • Low running cost
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Simple installation with small installation space required


  • A vibrating screen attached in the feeding hopper will remove large impurities such as straw, rachis branches, etc. from the paddy before husking.
  • Between the feeding hopper and husking chamber a special magnet is installed to remove ferrous particles before husking.
  • The husking is done by rubber rolls which rotate in opposite directions at different speeds. The paddy is husked as it passes through these rubber rolls.
  • The integral aspirator separates the husks, immature grains and brown rice by a fan. Practically all the husks and immature grains are discharged outside of the machine while the brown rice is fed into the milling chamber.
  • In the milling chamber the brown rice is milled into white rice by the friction method. This method utilizes a milling roller and hexagonal screen for whitening.
  • The bran is removed through the slot of the hexagonal screen by air injected through the milling roller by an independent fan.
    The injection air not only removes the bran but also helps to clean and cool the rice during the whitening process.


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