SATAKE FMS2000-F Various Material Sorter (Rice, Wheat, Coffee, Beans, more) Multilingual Display EN/FR/PT/TR

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An optical sorter equipped with a color sorter function and a shape sorter function that enables a variety of sorts.

Equipped with Satake's original automatic calibration curve creation system "Satake Smart Sensitivity", it has become easier to sort and set each raw material at the installation location.

Multilingual display (English/French/Portuguese/Turkey) model.

Variety of material/crops can be sorted such as rice, wheat, coffee, beans, seeds, sesame and more.


Sorter Features 1

Shape sorting function

Foreign substances and crushed pieces of the same color as target grains, which cannot be sorted by the color sorting function, are now sorted by capturing the characteristics of their size and shape.

Sorter Features 2

Stable supply of raw materials

The feeder supply method makes it possible to adjust the supply of irregularly shaped raw materials and small flow rates.

Sorter Features 3

Easy maintenance

The sorting hopper and defective product outlet can be removed without using tools, making cleaning easy.


Model Name FMS2000-F
Processing capacity

0.5 to 2.0 t/hour

Use for

Grains (rice, wheat, millet), seeds, coffee, industrial material (plastics)
Weight 160 kg
Required power 0.6 kW (Single Phase 200 to 240V)
Required air volume (Nl / min) 220 NL/min (for small pieces)
330 NL/min (for large pieces)

Flat plane / U shape/ Flat shape (width 240 mm)

Camera/Sensor 2 full-color CCDs


5 mm pitch x 48 pcs (for small and large pieces)

Light source CCFL (Cold cathode tube) x 6 pcs

Operation panel

Color touch panel
External input/output

Inter lock input / alarm output

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