SATAKE FGS-1000S Rice Sorter Three phase 200V 0.8

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With rubber rolls and rocking sorting, you can finish the rice with confidence without sacrificing the quality of the rice.


7 inch large operation touch panel

If you follow the instructions on the screen, you can easily drive.

During operation, appropriate setting adjustment advice is displayed to prevent errors from occurring.

When a problem occurs, the solution is displayed on the screen.

Can be installed on a 5-inch class hulling line for continuous processing

Brown rice 2t / h processing capacity *, can be installed in a 5-inch class hulling line for continuous processing.

It has the same processing capacity as a 5-inch class huller, so it can be installed in a hulling line to operate continuously.

* FGS-2000 * When sorting brown rice, be sure to put the brown rice after rice selection.

All-in-one, no accessory required!

The unit has a built-in structure that includes a lift, tank, etc., so it can be used immediately after installation.

In addition, the height of the material input port and the height of the non-defective product outlet are also designed in consideration of unnecessary accessories.

* Air piping from the compressor is required. A compressor is optional.

Equipped with full color CCD camera

It detects subtle color differences that cannot be achieved with a monochrome camera.


Model Name FGS-500SC
Processing capacity (t / h)

Brown rice: 0.2-1.0?@ White rice: 0.2-1.2

Use for

(1) Sorting of colored grains in rice and brown rice

(2) Sorting out of rice and brown rice

(3) Sorting out of glutinous rice and glutinous brown rice

(4) Simultaneous sorting / coloring of rice and brown rice

(5) Coloring of glutinous and brown rice / Uruchi sorting

In addition, foreign matter selection from the above raw materials

(different color from raw material)

Weight (kg) 190
Required power (kW) Three phase 200V 0.8
Required air volume (Nl / min) 120

Primary: flat shoot (75mm width)

Secondary: U-groove shoot (40mm width)

Camera 2 full-color CCDs (one before, one after)



(For sorting ... primary: 15 pieces, secondary: 8 pieces, for sweeper ... 1 piece for secondary and 1 piece)

Lighting CCFL (4 for lighting + 2 for background)

Operation method

Touch panel

Compressor (equivalent to 1.5kW)

Standard equipment

Air filter regulator, dust collector, chute heater,

Wiper (for optical part), Sweeper (for optical part), air gun,

Air piping parts (excluding hose)

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