S3 Multi Weeding Cultivator for Tractor, Power Tiller 1 row P001-1CHN

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It can be widely used not only for tillage but also for weeding between plants, beading, fertilizer application, etc., and simultaneous work is possible. This will reduce the work time.

It can be mounted on a wide range of work machines such as riding type tillers, multipurpose rice transplanters, and tractors.


  • Multifunctional towing type weeder
  • High-speed work is possible with a work speed of 2-10 km.
  • It can be mounted on various machines such as tractors, passenger control machines, rice transplanters.
  • It pulls out weeds with a rake.
  • Horsepower: 5-38ps
  • Adaptable row distance: 45-80 cm
  • Use for soybean, cabbage, broccoli, burdock, radish, sweet corn, beet, peanut, etc.
  • A hitch is needed. Please contact us.

The image above is 3 rows model with a hitch.



Model Name P001-1CHN
Number of row 1
Weight (kg) 24
Efficiency 1-10a/h

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