Pollination Sprayer SK-6SL

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Pollination Sprayer sprays pollen at 360 degree directions on a pollination brush.


  • The Pollination Sprayer is newly designed with a lighter handle.
  • The Pollination Sprayer has a translucent hose that clearly indicates the flow of pollen.
  • The Pollination Sprayer SK-6SL has two handles of 1 m and 2 m length.
  • The Pollination Sprayer has a waist belt that stably holds the weight.


Model Number SK-6SL
Dimension of Main Body Length 18 cm x Width 10.5 cm x Height 23 cm
Hose Inner Diameter 9 mm x Length 100 cm
Handle Outer Diameter 22 mm x Length 200 cm (Equipped with a 100 cm handle as well.)
Weight 1,100 g (containing the weight of 4 pcs of size D batteries.)
Power 4 pcs of Size D Alkali Batteries (Sold separately).
Hopper Capacity 300 cc
Pollen Output Amount 90 to 180 cc/hour (adjustable)
Efficiency 3 to 5 a/hour
Remarks Please use Lycopodium Powder sold by the maker.

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